Contented Carrot, Who?!

Why A Carrot?

Well…I’m quite a tall, skinny thing. This past Thanksgiving I was visiting my father’s house and had some extra time on my hands so I decided to start doodling anthropomorphized versions of the veggies that were being used to prepare our feast. The cutest veg in my opinion ended up being a carrot, and I kind of just decide, “Yes. That is me. I am that carrot.” And so it began.

What’s This Blog Even About?

Well, mostly. I think the point of The Contented Carrot is to not be content with just buying everything pre-made at the store or buying the cheapest-of-the-cheap store-brand crap. I’m working to become aware of the elusive “middle ground” in which one makes smart decisions about what to buy and what to make in order to enjoy great, creative recipes without unnecessarily spending unreasonable amounts of money on “premium” crap.

I was once a contented carrot, happy to eat average food at average prices, but it’s all about the exploration from here on out! Join me in my adventure to shake up my cooking routine and learn all the best and worst the world of cooking and creating has to offer us!

What Can I Expect For You?

I get it…we all like terms defined. Are we dating, are we just friends, are we…”talking”?

Look…I really like you and all, but I’m just not ready for any serious commitment right now. While its not quite time to settle on what we are just yet, I can confidently say that on this blog you will most likely find:

  • Delicious and fun recipes  // I won’t promise you that they’ll be fast or easy, but by golly they will definitely be awesome! And hey, let’s be honest, if I can do it so can you!
  • Product reviews // Is the SodaStream really that cool? Which store-brand bread is even worth buying?! I’ll do my best to help enlighten you as I find out for myself!
  • Lifestyle Stuff // What are you up to today? I have no clue! But I’m definitely gonna let you know what I’m doin’…whether its a fantastic sushi date or some fun family time.

Wow, You’re Funny. Where Can I Get More?

Ohmigosh, wow, I’m blushing. You’re so sweet. You really shouldn’t but you totally should follow me on instagram & twitter @contentedcarrot! Definitely tweet at me if you guys have a recipe you want to share. That’d totally be…THE BOMB DIGGITY.


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